About Me

I have worked in the banking and oil & gas industries for 8 years, gaining experience in corporate banking, financial markets, derivatives pricing & trading, commodities risk management, client+stakeholder management and business development.

Currently I am working with Global Risk Management Singapore as an Oil Risk Manager.

I am dedicated to being the best in what I do and my goal is ensuring that my clients are correctly understood and their concerns well taken care of. This ensures good health and longevity of their businesses. At the same time, the needs and expectations of internal stakeholders are also well managed.

I am responsible for growing and nurturing my Asian portfolio which includes refiners, oil producers, oil suppliers, trading firms, shipowners, power generation companies and airlines – basically anyone that is affected by oil price volatility.

I earned an MSc in Applied Finance from Singapore Management University in 2013. The other academic qualifications that I have are in business management, computing and economics.

Certifications that I hold: Energy Risk Professional (GARP), Politics and Economics of International Energy (Sciences PO), Python Programming (5 courses, University of Michigan) and Machine Learning (Stanford). I will complete Deep Learning courses from fast.ai, deeplearning.ai and Uni. Oxford by end 2018. As you can tell, I take lifelong learning and self improvement very seriously.

Outside of work, I keep active – I love running as it keeps me sane and it provides my brain with time to do diffusion thinking. I was a top ten age group triathlete before but hardly swim/cycle enough now. Any spare time goes to my family. I spend a lot of time reading, researching, tinkering with stuff. I wish I had more time! But doesn’t everyone else.