About Me

I am currently an oil risk manager with expertise in the management of oil price volatility. After accounting for each clients’ business type, structure, preferences and objectives, I structure and trade customised hedge solutions comprised of oil derivatives across the barrel. Every solution is different. Hedging brings about cost control, improved profitability and stable cash flows. My clientele consists of refiners, oil producers, oil suppliers, trading firms, shipowners, power generation companies, airlines: anyone that is exposed to the havocs of volatile oil prices. It is an end to end, consultancy role and I provide inputs on the entire process; due diligence, credit, legal/documentation, MTM and backend processes.

The professional experience I possess includes front office banking in institutional banking and derivatives, and trading risk management with a commodities trading giant covering gasoline, naphtha and fuel oil. I also ran sports nutrition retail and distribution businesses as an undergraduate. I have academic qualifications in Information Technology, Economics and Finance, with the highest being an MSc in Applied Finance awarded by Singapore Management University in 2013. As of Jan 2016, I am Energy Risk Professional certified by GARP. I also have certifications from Sciences PO and U Michigan. Currently tracking a data science and AI learning path that will probably take 18 months. I have interesting plans for the next five years (2018-2022). Watch this space.

Outside of work, I keep active – I love running as it keeps me sane and it provides my brain with time to do diffusion thinking. I was a top ten age group triathlete before but hardly swim/cycle enough now. Any spare time goes to my family. I am a firm believer of Lifelong Learning. I spend a lot of time reading, researching, tinkering with stuff. I wish I had more time! But doesn’t everyone else.